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Kasey Corpus

Kasey Corpus is the Engagement Director at the Capital of Texas Media Foundation and is responsible for community engagement projects and program development. Previously, she managed similar projects in a joint venture between CoTMF and Glasshouse Policy, which merged in June 2019.

Her past experience includes campaigning for local officials, working in Texas House and Senate offices, and advocating on ethics and environmental issues with Public Citizen Texas. With her background in research, community outreach, and advocacy, she has worked to improve government transparency and increase the representation of underserved communities in Texas.

Elizabeth Pagano

Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Pagano has been writing for the Austin Monitor since late 2010, after narrowly avoiding a fate as a librarian. You can email her at She also grouses on Twitter, sometimes @lizpagano.

Brian Kelsey

Brian Kelsey is the founder of Nashville-based Civic Analytics and serves as research director at the Capital of Texas Media Foundation. He has completed research and consulting projects for more than fifty clients across the U.S., including a study of Austin’s technology sector that was quoted by President Obama in a 2013 speech.

Outside of his work with CoTMF and his business, Brian worked for two mayors in Nashville, was a senior policy advisor at the Economic Development Administration, and spent five years teaching graduate-level classes on economic development at The University of Texas at Austin.

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