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Our Projects

The Capital of Texas Media Foundation with the Austin Monitor,  and key community partners will bring our content to life by convening experts and academics, elected officials and everyday activists to share information and ideas. Throughout the year, we’ll offer events that focus on civic issues like transportation and education, and on nonprofit issues like fundraising and outreach. We’ll also embark on special projects that expand our content into community settings and nonprofit board rooms.  And we’ll continually explore new ways to disseminate our content and broaden our audience.

Our Funding Model

As a nonprofit organization, Capital of Texas Media Foundation can and does seek revenue from subscribers, event attendees, and advertisers as well as funding from donors and sponsors. We believe this mixed-revenue model can support our growth and sustainability while also allowing us to direct funding to the critical editorial content that best serves our audiences.

That said, individuals and organizations that contribute to our revenue do not influence content decisions. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible in disclosing the individuals and organizations that support our work, which is why each of our publications clearly discloses its sources of revenue. Advertisements and sponsored content are clearly marked, and donors and sponsors are acknowledged.

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