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Charter Members of the Capital of Texas Media Foundation


It is our aim to be as transparent as possible in disclosing the individuals and organizations that support our efforts. Below is a list of donors who sponsored the inception of CoTMF and the Monitor. Without their contributions, our mission would go unfulfilled.

Each of these parties received some level of tax deduction for their donations. Some elected to receive certain measurable benefits in return. This was all handled through our fiscal sponsor, the Online Journalism Project, until January 2015 when we received our 501(c)3 status.

For more detail about who each of these individuals and organizations are, click on the links below. An updated list of current donors can be found embedded below. Please forward any concerns to our ombudsman, George Sylvie

$25,000 and up

The Austin Board of Realtors • Perry Lorenz


Armbrust & Brown


Harry & Elsie Kanin • Balcones Resources • Graves Dougherty Hearon & Moody • Brownstein Family Foundation • Steve Smaha • Henry Strozier • David Kanin • Elizabeth Burr & Chris Hyams • Steve Beuerlein • Greater Austin Transportation (Austin Yellow Cab)


The Real Estate Council of Austin • Jeff Eller • DuBois, Bryant, & CampbellFourT Realty, LLC • Alfred StanleyMona KaninBret Kadison   • Grant & Ashley Fisher


Austin Apartment AssociationLynda RifeAlex LaRoche  • Corrine WassermanDeece EcksteinJudith JosephMichael Greenberg & Becky HamiltonCarey GraberWilliam & Ann Boor

In addition to the generous folks listed above, CoTMF continues to accept donations and sponsorships from members of our community. Below is a spreadsheet with cumulative funding levels received from all donors (including Charter Members). If you have any concerns about what’s here, we invite you to contact our volunteer ombudsman.

Download (PDF, 64KB)

Download (XLSX, 12KB)

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