Land Development Code

Thursday, August 16, 2018 by Jack Craver

Planning Commission wonders what to do after CodeNEXT

CodeNEXT might be dead, but most members of the Planning Commission seem to agree that they can’t give up on making big changes to the Land Development Code.For over a year, discussion of CodeNEXT has been a standing item on…

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 by Jo Clifton

Reagan going to court over sign rule secrecy

Billy Reagan, the owner of Reagan Signs, the best-known billboard company in the city of Austin, is looking forward to going to court later this month to try to find out why the city won’t let him see communications between…

Friday, August 10, 2018 by Syeda Hasan

Council votes unanimously to scrap CodeNEXT

City Council voted unanimously today to scrap CodeNEXT, the controversial overhaul of the city’s Land Development Code.In a resolution, Council said “due to a combination of significant disruptions to the process, CodeNEXT is no longer a suitable mechanism to achieve…

Thursday, August 2, 2018 by Audrey McGlinchy

‘Something has gone horribly wrong’: Adler calls for a reset on CodeNEXT process

Mayor Steve Adler wants the city to scrap CodeNEXT and start over.In a post to the City Council Message Board Wednesday, Adler asked that the city manager come up with a new process for updating the city’s 34-year-old Land Development…

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 by Ryan Young

For CodeNEXT, signs of changes to come

CodeNEXT, Austin’s attempt to reform and simplify its Land Development Code, has been a lightning rod for controversy. Activists see the code, which controls everything from how high buildings can be built, how far back their foundations must be from…

Monday, July 23, 2018 by Jo Clifton

CodeNEXT testing: What to look for

Depending on who you ask, the testing of CodeNEXT, the rewrite of the city’s Land Development Code, is either an important exercise in moving the city toward more efficient construction or just an obscure game being played at City Hall.Members…

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