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Stories by Heydn Ericson

Austin Fire Chief explains to Council why she can’t expand service

Ranks of the Austin Fire Department are down by 76 members and that number is growing every month as veterans retire, according to Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr. Kerr says at that rate, the department would have around 100 vacancies…

BoA bounces Hyde Park B&B case back to Planning Commission

The owners of the Adams House Bed-and-Breakfast might be feeling a bit like a pinball, being bounced back and forth between two city boards, neither of which appears to want to deal with their issue. The innkeepers, already dealing with…

Austin Water officials share concerns over bond downgrade

At the most recent meeting of the Joint Committee on Austin Water Utility’s Financial Plan, utility officials shared concerns about the fate of their bond rating.   Due to similar financial circumstances, Ft. Worth’s Tarrant Regional Water District was recently…

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