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Tag Archives: Residential Design and Compatibility Commission

Reporter's Notebook: Au revoir, RDCC

That’s one set of appointments no one has to worry about … Last Thursday, City Council dissolved the Residential Design and Compatibility Commission. The RDCC initiated the process, passing a resolution to dissolve itself in February due to the decreased…

Council approves garage over McMansion rules

Despite some concerns that the case was one of many headed its way, City Council approved an appeal Thursday that will allow a Bouldin Creek house to retain a garage instead of forcing the homeowners to revert to the allowed…

Doomed commission awaits marching orders

Urging its own demise, the Residential Design and Compatibility Commission took some time during its most recent meeting to see whether its dissolution had made headway over the past couple of months. City Council passed a resolution to dissolve the…

Carport turned garage still out of code in Zilker

An attempt to expand the McMansion ordinance in the Zilker neighborhood fell flat at City Council last month. David Cancialosi was representing the owners of 903 Ethel St., who were appealing the denial of a waiver at the Residential Design…

Featured Collection: Austin Energy 2022 rate case

Austin Energy ramps up outreach for proposed rate changes

Austin Energy has entered the public hearing phase of its base rate review process, following its proposal to raise service costs. The monthslong dialogue with stakeholders and city staff, slated for resolution by City Council in November, has surfaced predictable…

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