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Tag Archives: May 2022 election

After Leander vote secures transit service, Cap Metro looks to 'win over' skeptics

Now that Capital Metro service in Leander is secure for at least five years following Saturday’s election, the regional transit agency wants to get opponents on board with spending a 1 percent sales tax on public transit. Proposition A asked…

Austin votes to ban no-knock warrants and decriminalize small amounts of weed, initial results show

By a sweeping margin, voters in Austin appear to have approved a proposition to sanction small amounts of marijuana and ban the use of no-knock warrants by police. Nearly 85% of voters were in favor of Proposition A, according to initial…

Voters could decriminalize marijuana possession, ban no-knock search warrants

Voters will have a chance this month to determine whether the city of Austin will adopt two new ordinances that would eliminate low-level marijuana charges and ban no-knock search warrants. The special election, which began in-person early voting on Monday…

Austin voters to decide on decriminalizing small amounts of weed and banning no-knock warrants in May

Austin voters will be asked in May if they want to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana and do away with no-knock warrants. The former practice is already police policy. In July 2020, the Austin Police Department said it would no longer…

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