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TipSheet: Travis County 4.28.15

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 by Caleb Pritchard

TipSheet: Travis County Commissioners, April 28.

The Travis County Commissioners Court meets at 9 a.m. Tuesday. In the interest of space, we’ve decided not to post the entire agenda here. The County Clerk’s office hosts a copy at its website.

Items of interest include:

10. Consider and take appropriate action regarding the issuance of a Mass Gathering Permit for Levitation Festival to be held on May 8—11, 2015, at Carson Creek Ranch, 9507 Sherman Road. (Commissioner Gómez)

Monitor’s Take: This is the latest festival planned for this relatively new venue near ABIA. Earlier events there this year met slight headwinds at the Court from neighbors and commissioners have expressed both concern and an interest in seeking extra concessions from promoters on behalf of those neighbors. They’ll take a vote on this item after a public hearing set for the beginning of the meeting.

17. Consider and take appropriate action on consulting services to conduct an organizational assessment of County departments that report to the Commissioners Court, and direct the Purchasing Agent to issue a Request For Service. (Judge Eckhardt & Commissioner Gómez)

Monitor’s Take: This would tee off an ambitious housecleaning agenda to reshape the County’s bureaucracy. According to the backup documents, the County “has not done a large-scale organizational reassessment since the 1990s.”

30. Consider and take appropriate action on acceptance of a second donation of $10,000 from the Downtown Austin Alliance. (Judge Eckhardt)

Monitor’s Take: The District Attorney’s office is requesting permission to accept this modest donation from the DAA. According to the backup document, this is the second of two $10,000 gifts from the DAA to the DA’s office for this fiscal year is ostensibly related to the crime-fighting partnership between both entities in Austin’s central business district.

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Travis County Commissioners Court: The legislative body for Travis County. It includes representatives from the four Travis County Precincts, as well as the County Judge. The County Judge serves as the chair of the Court.

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