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Tip Sheet: Zoning and Platting Commission 10.7

Monday, October 6, 2014 by Mark Richardson

The Austin Zoning and Platting Commission meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday in Room 325 of One Texas Center.

In the interest of space, we will not post the entire agenda here. The City Clerk’s office hosts a complete copy on its website.

Items of interest for Zoning and Platting Commission include:

1. Zoning: C14-2014-0027 – Ace Discount Glass
Location: 6308 Spicewood Springs Road, Bull Creek Watershed
Owner/Applicant: ACE Discount Glass,
Inc., ACE Auto Salvage (Roy Cavanaugh)
Agent: Garrett-Ihnen Civil Engineers (Steve Ihnen, P.E.)
Request: I-RR to CS-MU for Tract 1 and CR for Tract 2
Staff Rec.: Recommendation of SF-6-CO
Staff: Sherri Sirwaitis, 512-974-3057,;
Planning and Development Review Department;

Monitor’s take:  ZAP members voted to postpone this item in July in order to force the salvage yard’s property owner to formulate a better plan to transfer use of the property, which is in an environmentally sensitive area. The owner was told to formulate a better plan for the future use of the property. Presumably, he will present that to the commissioners.

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11. Site Plan- Variance: SP-2013-0476C – Concordia University Texas
Location: 11400 Concordia University Drive, Bull Creek Watershed
Owner/Applicant: Concordia University Texas (Gary Belcher)
Agent: Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. (Robert J. Smith)
Request: Approval of variance to allow cut greater than 4 feet not to exceed 9.25 feet to Lake Austin Watershed Ordinance Sec 9-10-409(B). Approval of variance to allow fill greater than 4 feet not to exceed 14.85 feet to Lake Austin Watershed Ordinance.
Staff Rec.: Recommended
Staff: Rosemary Avila, 512-974-2784,;
Jim Dymkowski, 512-974-2707,;
Planning and Development Review Department

Monitor’s take:  Concordia University is looking to build a softball facility, and athletic facility, private drives/parking and water quality and detention facilities. The area is in the Bull Creek Watershed.  Concordia officials say the variance requests are necessary in order to allow the project to be developed with the existing and man-made grade with an adjacent baseball field, and to allow the new athletic facilities to be built to NCAA standards. The construction is in an environmentally sensitive area. It is not likely to face opposition at this commission.

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12a. Site Plan – Boat Dock Variances: SP-2013-0441D – Pedestrian Incline Elevator for 3961 Westlake Drive
Location: 3961 Westlake Drive, Lake Austin Watershed
Owner/Applicant: Rod Roberts
Agent: Aupperle Company (Carolyn Aupperle)
Request: 1) To allow construction of a tram downslope of and at a distance less than 150 feet from a Critical Environmental Feature buffer, 25-8-281(C)(1)(a); and 2)To allow construction of a second boat dock access within a Critical Water Quality Zone, not allowed per 25-8-261(C)(1)
Staff Rec.: Request postponement to 11/4 hearing – applicant and staff
Staff: Christine Barton-Holmes, 512-974-2788,
Planning and Development Review Department

Monitor take: This is a controversial item that has already been heard and and not recommended by the Environmental Board but did receive a variance from the Board of Adjustment. The owner wants to build a down to Lake Austin from their property, which would be a second access point to the lake, something that is not allowed under city regulations. This item will likely be postponed to Nov. 4.

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City of Austin Zoning and Platting Commission: The City of Austin's Zoning and Platting Commission addresses issues of land use as assigned to it by Austin's City Code. It has sovereign authority, or the right to make final decisions on certain cases.

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