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TickTock: Austin City Council meeting 2.9.2016

Monday, February 13, 2017 by Michael Kanin

TickTock is the sortable transcript of @austinmonitor live Tweets from the most recent Austin City Council meeting.


TickTock for Friday, February 10, 2017


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Thursday, February 09, 2017 9AM

Critics call foul on medical school’s spending. Read more (via @cubbie9000): #atxgov February 09, 2017 09:00 AM

Thursday, February 09, 2017 10AM

Howdy, Austin! City Council is just getting started, and we’re here to monitor today’s meeting for you! #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 10:08 AM
Item 26
Item 26 withdrawn, poor @MayorAdler still sounds like he’s under the weather. February 09, 2017 10:09 AM
Item 46
Items pulled for discussion: 5, 17, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31, 34, 35. Item 46 set for time certain 4pm (that means no earlier) #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 10:12 AM
Items 30 and 31 destined for postponement, apparently. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 10:13 AM
Gus Peña up now, talking on a bunch of things. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 10:15 AM
TopherJNeely "@austinmonitor did they officially get postponed?"
.@TopherJNeely It was kind of vague, but yes, looks like Items 30 and 31 will be heard on March 2. February 09, 2017 10:16 AM
@Alison_Alter now asking questions about the future of One Texas Center, notes that will not be determined today. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 10:20 AM
David King reiterates the point, and says the future of One Texas Center will most def involve a public process. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 10:21 AM
Item 24
On Item 24, Mayor Pro Tem says she is still working through the answers to her questions about cost of moving departments. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 10:23 AM
@D5Kitchen says that she doesn’t want moving planning departments to cause a slip in recent service improvements. February 09, 2017 10:25 AM
Item 33
Speaker now asks that Item 33 include the Dedrick-Hamilton House, which is an African-American center in town. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 10:29 AM
Item 8
@kathietovo notes a mental health future for Austin State Hospital, she supports but notes “revitalization” should be cautious. (Item 8) February 09, 2017 10:33 AM
Item 3
.@EllenforAustin is not into item 3, notes the cost of Waller Creek project is now 6x the original cost and may never end. February 09, 2017 10:34 AM
Cost for the Waller Creek Tunnel project, by the way, now at more than $162 million. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 10:36 AM
@EllenforAustin also abstains from the NHCD items, does not support the blanket endorsement for tax credits February 09, 2017 10:37 AM
In case I miss something during my multitasking, here’s a reminder that you can also follow along here: February 09, 2017 10:38 AM
Ethics item approved, with a strike to the Council/personnel section. (Will describe this better in a bit.) February 09, 2017 10:40 AM
Item 17
Now talking on Item 17 – one of the projects seeking a city endorsement for tax credits. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 10:43 AM
All Access Readers! Get a head start on today’s #atxcouncil meeting with @lizpagano’s TipSheet: #atxgov February 09, 2017 10:45 AM
Project in Zilker, ANC pres David King supports the project, but has concerns about the new addition of market-rate units, wants them out February 09, 2017 10:45 AM
Developer defending the market rate housing, says they provide housing for those who may start to earn more. 10 units. February 09, 2017 10:48 AM
Now on to 25 — pulled by @DeliaGarza , who has questions about the Municipal Utility District February 09, 2017 10:57 AM

Thursday, February 09, 2017 11AM

Item 29
We’re now on to item 29, picking a search firm for the city manager. @GregCasar forwards the idea of picking Russel Reynolds. February 09, 2017 11:12 AM
@GregCasar explains that he likes the approach of searching public and private sectors, and a willingness to be flexible February 09, 2017 11:14 AM
@kathietovo seeks clarification on whether RR has ever done a city manager search #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 11:14 AM
It’s true, Russel Reynolds has never done a city manager search. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 11:15 AM
@LesliePoolATX says she had her own questions about TNCs and CodeNEXT, to see if they got past “Austin brand.” Two did, RR was less strong February 09, 2017 11:17 AM
@LesliePoolATX says she will motion for GovHR, if the RR motion fails. Seems the main sticking point is their pub sector experience February 09, 2017 11:27 AM
Now @DeliaGarza makes a sub. motion, because no one wants the bad taste of voting against RR February 09, 2017 11:28 AM
@JimmyFlannigan likes the 3rd firm – R. Anderson and proposes a process that is above my head. February 09, 2017 11:30 AM
Everyone is listing their rankings now. Not sure we need to record all that, but we do appreciate the civility. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 11:31 AM
@kathietovo moves for a straw poll. February 09, 2017 11:32 AM
@MayorAdler getting deep into Robert’s Rules of Order here, with some fancy ranking vote ideas. February 09, 2017 11:33 AM
Notable: @Alison_Alter refuses to list a second choice, going against the “compromise-y” vibe. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 11:40 AM
@MayorAdler now explaining the results, which @kathietovo points out are inconclusive. February 09, 2017 11:44 AM
RT @JackCraver: I’d love to have ranked-choice elections. Unfortunately, video of this #ATXCouncil meeting will convince everybody it will… February 09, 2017 11:45 AM
The lesson of all this might be that sometimes it’s just easier to vote against things? #hater4life #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 11:46 AM
Note: @austinmonitor is not actually a hater. February 09, 2017 11:47 AM
Russell Reynolds wins contract in a vote of 7-4, with Tovo, Pool, Garza, Kitchen against. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 11:49 AM
@Alison_Alter out of the gate with motion to eliminate a slew of committees, 2nd by @JimmyFlannigan (other CM who has not served on them.) February 09, 2017 11:51 AM
Guys, that last discussion may have been a warm up for this one. Looking to eliminate a bunch of committees here. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 11:54 AM
@LesliePoolATX wants the same thing as @Alison_Alter , but wants a rewrite to stress those being retained, not eliminated. February 09, 2017 11:55 AM

Thursday, February 09, 2017 12PM

Audit: City needs new flood buyout policy. Read more (via @JoClifton78704): #atxgov #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 12:00 PM
@kathietovo making a larger point here, about the fact that Austin does not have a strong mayor, in terms of determining committee members February 09, 2017 12:02 PM
@MayorAdler noting this item might take a minute, and recommends that they should take it up again after lunch February 09, 2017 12:05 PM
Going to take a vote on the “Alter Amendment” now, with a promise of MORE STRAW POLLS this afternoon. February 09, 2017 12:06 PM
Voting on getting rid of Public Safety, Public Utility, Open Space, Economic Utility, and Housing Committees. Passes with 9 votes February 09, 2017 12:09 PM
@MayorAdler says they expect to be back at 1:30 Going to have Citizens Communication now, and then lunch. Committees won’t be back until 2 February 09, 2017 12:11 PM
Okay, we’re going to lunch. See you when they get back! #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 12:12 PM
Our quote of the day for Thursday, February 9, 2017. Read more at #atxgov February 09, 2017 12:30 PM
What We Woke Up To: February 9, 2017 – February 09, 2017 12:30 PM

Thursday, February 09, 2017 1PM

Rude Mechs look to city to stay in business. Read more (via @cubbie9000): #atxgov February 09, 2017 01:00 PM
Hey! We’re back. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 01:49 PM
Looks like #atxcouncil is going to take part of the meetings revision thing now. Aim is to make them more reasonable lengths. February 09, 2017 01:51 PM
This is still all pretty preliminary, and it will probably take a bit to sort out. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 01:52 PM
@DeliaGarza worries that some of these changes could just defer meeting length, just defer them. Asks for recs, not changes now. February 09, 2017 01:54 PM
@Oraatx1 notes tension on dais around changes, thinks that the Innovation Office or the like might be less emotional about it. February 09, 2017 01:56 PM

Thursday, February 09, 2017 2PM

@kathietovo worries abt having meetings solely focused on “large public hearings” ,points out the “only zoning” meeting thing didn’t work. February 09, 2017 02:00 PM
.@kathietovo advocates for self-reg on dais, says limiting late community input isn’t the real problem where meeting length is concerned. February 09, 2017 02:02 PM
In terms of process, @MayorAdler hopes for more input from staff to fix some of these problems. February 09, 2017 02:04 PM
In terms of ending meetings at 10, @CM_Renteria points out that is technically the case, they just routinely extend meetings. February 09, 2017 02:05 PM
The proposal would be a switch to a hard stop. Or a hard stop sometimes, judging by that last exchange. February 09, 2017 02:06 PM
Motion right now would make hard breaks, reduce number of people allowed to donate time, close speaker sign ups 1/2 February 09, 2017 02:13 PM
… and maybe make ceremonial meetings and non-ceremonial meetings? 2/2 February 09, 2017 02:14 PM
Right now, though, they are clarifying these are all ideas on the table to make meetings more efficient, no decisions will be made. February 09, 2017 02:14 PM
.@kathietovo again cautions against the dangers of limiting public input, even if it would mean shorter meetings. February 09, 2017 02:18 PM
Now Council is talking about getting meeting backup earlier. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 02:28 PM
@Alison_Alter asks for Items from Council to be submitted two weeks in advance. February 09, 2017 02:31 PM
RT @TopherJNeely: David King, President of the ANC, said limiting the amount of speakers on an item infringes a fundamental right of the co… February 09, 2017 02:33 PM
Talking about Council resolutions, @kathietovo says that sometimes things need to move fast, 2 weeks not always reasonable, can postpone February 09, 2017 02:41 PM
Resolution to come back with recommendations passes unanimously. February 09, 2017 02:43 PM
Item 34
Now back to Item 34, the Council Committee thing February 09, 2017 02:44 PM
Now talking about who should be on what committee, and how to determine that. February 09, 2017 02:46 PM
.@MayorAdler concerns that a sign up sheet may not lead to the most effective committees. February 09, 2017 02:46 PM
.@JimmyFlannigan suggests some might not want to serve on ANY committees, looks like discussion headed to message board February 09, 2017 02:53 PM
Council weighs affordable housing dev in N Austin. Read more (via @KUTsyeda & p’ship w @KUT): #atxgov #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 02:55 PM
Now @DeliaGarza talking task forces, worried about giving the mayor power to unilaterally create one. February 09, 2017 02:57 PM

Thursday, February 09, 2017 3PM

How do task forces happen? Council will also explore their origins, apparently. February 09, 2017 03:15 PM
RT @austinmobility: 🚦🚧One. More. Day! That’s how long you have to 🤔 and come up with a witty message for our digital roadway sign contest!… February 09, 2017 03:17 PM
Task force discussion continues to be pretty existential. Apparently, some questions about where they come from, where they go. #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 03:19 PM
That all passes unanimously… and now it’s time to sing happy birthday to @EllenforAustin February 09, 2017 03:25 PM
And we are on to zoning. #zoningmatters #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 03:26 PM
41 and 42 ppd to 2/16 47 and 48 postponed to 3/2 February 09, 2017 03:28 PM
Talking Plaza Saltillo now, considering taking it up on first reading, 100 minutes of speakers signed up now, @MayorAdler asks next week February 09, 2017 03:32 PM
We will point out that Austin Oaks PUD is next week February 09, 2017 03:32 PM
The proposal for first reading is limiting the height to 72 feet for now, and discussing more in the interim February 09, 2017 03:34 PM
Staff running down the proposal now. Here’s our recap from the Planning Commission February 09, 2017 03:36 PM
The main issues here are recent changes to height (higher, 125 feet) and affordable housing (less, from 200 units to 141) February 09, 2017 03:38 PM
Staff says that height limit will not impact onsite affordability. Tall bit is for an office tower. However, could impact the fee-in-lieu February 09, 2017 03:44 PM
Staff is not into the fee-in-lieu, though, is recommending onsite affordable units. February 09, 2017 03:46 PM
As a reminder, this was developed after a bidding process. Cap Metro owns the land. And I have no idea where #faderfort will be this year. February 09, 2017 03:47 PM
.@CM_Renteria points out Council could require on-site affordable housing.(Council has put a lot of recent effort into getting this choice) February 09, 2017 03:52 PM
Moving on to speakers now. Developer up first, explaining why they need more height. February 09, 2017 03:55 PM
Heighth is not actually a word. February 09, 2017 03:56 PM

Thursday, February 09, 2017 4PM

Critics call foul on Dell Medical School spending. Read more (via @cubbie9000): #atxgov February 09, 2017 04:00 PM
.@DeliaGarza retracing the reasoning behind the extra HEIGHT, and is assured that worker protections will remain in place regardless February 09, 2017 04:01 PM
cubbie9000 "@austinmonitor I am in hell."
@cubbie9000 We prefer the “live music capital” nickname. February 09, 2017 04:02 PM
RT @TopherJNeely: There is a question as to whether or not developer offered 25% or 15% affordable housing on property #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 04:05 PM
Ok, now Michele Hausman up with Endeavor. Notes Planning Commission ok with 125 foot height, but will build 70 foot if required. February 09, 2017 04:07 PM
Now enumerating the benefits of increased height. Millions more in taxes, more in aff housing fees. February 09, 2017 04:09 PM
Clarification on the “floating” affordable units, which means they will be in the mix of the building, not segregated. February 09, 2017 04:15 PM
TopherJNeely "There are no other projects in austin where floating units are a thing #atxcouncil"
@TopherJNeely Actually, I think they were discussing this for Elysium Park last week. February 09, 2017 04:20 PM
Jose Valera now up to rep neighborhood opposition. February 09, 2017 04:22 PM
Valera notes that if aff housing offer doesn’t get better, probably won’t be much support for the increased height. February 09, 2017 04:24 PM
TopherJNeely "@austinmonitor hmmm, I dont recall that conversation, apparently council didn’t either, but i believe you….for now…!"
@TopherJNeely haha. I’m not sure I believe me either, but I’m recalling being reminded of this last week: February 09, 2017 04:26 PM
Valera wants to make sure that the RFQ process under which the dev contract was awarded is being honored. February 09, 2017 04:28 PM
Next speaker up, lives real close to to the project, totally supports the increased height. February 09, 2017 04:29 PM
This guy is also repping the neighborhood as a crime-addled, drug-plagued area, though. February 09, 2017 04:32 PM
Jim Duncan up now, in favor of the long-overdue development, concerned about how the project has morphed over the years February 09, 2017 04:34 PM
Notes Endeavor said they wouldn’t want more variances, and thinks the 25 percent aff housing promise was clear February 09, 2017 04:36 PM
juliogatx "@austinmonitor Addt’l height = offices, right? Is “compatibility” w/ nearby structures reason CM3 wants cap? Or is it brinksmanship for AH?"
@juliogatx Yes, for offices. Not sure of CM3’s motivations, but that did seem to be the neighborhood position, kind of. February 09, 2017 04:41 PM
People (not developers) also speaking in favor of this project, it should be noted. February 09, 2017 04:55 PM
“here” February 09, 2017 04:56 PM
Evan Gill up now, reading a Friends of Austin Neighborhoods resolution in favor of the project. February 09, 2017 04:59 PM

Thursday, February 09, 2017 5PM

Audit: City needs new flood buyout policy. Read more (via @JoClifton78704): #atxgov February 09, 2017 05:00 PM
@bikeaustin rep now speaking in support of the project February 09, 2017 05:04 PM
Lots of speakers in favor, actually. One just said development policies are against the spirit of sanctuary cities. February 09, 2017 05:13 PM
THCBikeTours "@austinmonitor Huh?"
.@THCBikeTours Oh, should have said “some” development policies, probably. February 09, 2017 05:18 PM
#atxcouncil now talking over the proposals, @CM_Renteria explaining the sticking points. February 09, 2017 05:25 PM
.@CM_Renteria hopes the extra time to talk over plans can result in a win for everyone. (Time between first and second readings) February 09, 2017 05:28 PM
.@Oraatx1 , who was also part of the original planning process, also pretty disappointed where things stand now. February 09, 2017 05:29 PM
RT @TopherJNeely: .@Oraatx1 I’m not sure who to be more disappointed in, Capital Metro or the Developer #atxcouncil #plazasaltillo February 09, 2017 05:29 PM
Curious about why people were expecting a lot from this development? Here’s some history: February 09, 2017 05:35 PM
Here’s another story from earlier in the process. Interesting that Perry Lorenz was talking 120 foot tower back then February 09, 2017 05:37 PM
From 2014: (Endeavor) is planning to offer 25 percent of their units as affordable, with half of those units for residents aged 55 or older. February 09, 2017 05:39 PM
austinmonitor "From 2014: (Endeavor) is planning to offer 25 percent of their units as affordable, with half of those units for residents aged 55 or older."
.@austinmonitor Also a promise of no variances. Maybe we misunderstood, but no one corrected us… February 09, 2017 05:39 PM
CapMetro CEO Linda Watson does not remember a 25 percent affordable housing promise, calls it a “misunderstanding” February 09, 2017 05:42 PM
eraycollins "That’s what I understood back then. @austinmonitor"
@eraycollins Me too! I was there. February 09, 2017 05:42 PM
Watson says it was “pretty clear” that 15 percent would come from Endeavor, 10 percent would come from elsewhere/the city February 09, 2017 05:43 PM
slyarak "Is 120 feet really a “tower”?"
@slyarak I believe that’s the developer’s word, I am not an architect. February 09, 2017 05:43 PM
Interesting! February 09, 2017 05:44 PM
@LesliePoolATX says she understands how the public believed it would be 25 percent, noting that’s what their presentation said. February 09, 2017 05:45 PM
.@kathietovo doing a little research on the 25 percent figure, which was widely reported. February 09, 2017 05:52 PM
Just FYI, CapMetro does let us know when we get things wrong, and that did not happen in this case. February 09, 2017 05:53 PM
#atxcouncil passes this 8-3, Alter and Flannigan and ____ opposed, on first reading. Public hearing remains open. February 09, 2017 05:56 PM
Council will now take a 30 minute break for snacks and such. February 09, 2017 05:57 PM

Thursday, February 09, 2017 6PM

Item 46
Oops. Missed the beginning of Item 46 — Villas at Vinzon Creek — tune in now if that’s a rezoning you have been following. February 09, 2017 06:59 PM

Thursday, February 09, 2017 7PM

We will probably have to sign off now to get tomorrow’s issue together, but will circle back to this case early next week! #atxcouncil February 09, 2017 07:00 PM
cubbie9000 "@austinmonitor Tovo."
@cubbie9000 Thank you! That was a confusing exchange. February 09, 2017 07:04 PM

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