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Strategic Advisory Council

The Austin Monitor’s strategic advisory council is a dedicated group of local leaders who share our passion for strengthening the community. With the removal our paywall in 2021, we put out a call for “individuals who have a finger on the pulse of the community, who understand local news organizations and who will push us to do better.”

The first-ever council was formed and, in addition to helping us advance our mission, council members learn and analyze emerging reader/community engagement trends and make recommendations on how the Monitor could leverage these trends. The council also contributes strategic feedback monthly and during the development of our annual mission-based organizational goals.  And third, the council grows their community connections and raises awareness of our work and impact.

The individual value of strategic advisory council membership is centered on the following areas: 

  1. Learn an in-depth understanding of how local news and information builds community and supports democracy
  2. Contribute to the development of an authentic, mission-focused nonprofit serving the whole Austin community
  3. Grow a rich network of fellow community leaders that includes advisory peers, alumni, board members, and recognized Austin leaders

Service on the strategic advisory council includes three exclusive member benefits: 

  • Monthly insider updates and insights that come directly from the Monitor leadership team
  • Quarterly leadership events with the board of directors and other notable community leaders
  • Annual Ideas Summit dedicated to examining the major issues and trends shaping our work and the local news landscape

We need your help to increase the community impact, value, and service of the Austin Monitor. Interested in learning more, building your community network, and helping a mission-driven organization?  Fill out this Interest Form and take the next step to join this group of recognized community leaders.

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