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Tag Archives: Travis County Tax Office

Elfant updates Commissioners Court on Tax Office troubles following arrests

The Travis County Tax Office says that the first of four satellite offices that closed down after a fraud investigation netted seven arrests last month won’t reopen until late July at the earliest. Tax Assessor-Collector Bruce Elfant delivered that news…

Elfant speaking about tax fraud investigation

Commissioners Court tackles Tax Office troubles as disturbing audit is released

Travis County will have to face “some honest and possibly difficult conversations” during the upcoming budget process if it wants to avoid a repeat of the alleged crimes that have rocked the Tax Office, according to Tax Assessor-Collector Bruce Elfant.…

Elfant speaking about tax fraud investigation

Elfant to address Tax Office fraud investigation

Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector Bruce Elfant will brief the Commissioners Court on Tuesday morning about the fraud investigation that landed seven people in jail on Friday, four of them Tax Office employees. “There I will be able to provide details…

Proposed DMV fee hikes called a "double whammy" for Travis County

The Travis County Tax Office is sounding the alarm over potential changes at the state level that could cost the county and vehicle owners an extra $1 million in registration and titling fees. Tax-Assessor Collector Bruce Elfant showed up in…

Featured Collection: Austin Energy 2022 rate case

Austin Energy ramps up outreach for proposed rate changes

Austin Energy has entered the public hearing phase of its base rate review process, following its proposal to raise service costs. The monthslong dialogue with stakeholders and city staff, slated for resolution by City Council in November, has surfaced predictable…

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