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Tag Archives: Housing Authority of Travis County

Property group wants to help Rosemont residents, but won't put anything in writing

At the Tuesday meeting of the Travis County Commissioners Court, Patrick Howard with the Housing Authority of Travis County announced that the board of directors of the Strategic Housing Finance Corporation unanimously voted against an agreement drafted for, and proposed…

Travis County bush

Commissioners Court renovates housing agencies

The story of two struggling affordable housing agencies in Travis County has turned into a stirring tale of redemption. After years of teetering on the brink – pushed there by leadership vacuums, a dire assessment by the Office of the…

County puts housing authority official in the hot seat

Travis County Commissioners Court is on the verge of pushing out a top local affordable housing official over thousands of dollars’ worth of travel expenditures. The court voted unanimously on Tuesday to send a letter to Melvin Wrenn, chair of…

Report: Housing authority going broke

Two agencies that help provide affordable housing for Travis County’s most vulnerable residents are in dire financial straits, according to a study conducted by the County Auditor’s Office. The report notes that the situation at the Housing Authority of Travis…

Featured Collection: Austin Energy 2022 rate case

Austin Energy ramps up outreach for proposed rate changes

Austin Energy has entered the public hearing phase of its base rate review process, following its proposal to raise service costs. The monthslong dialogue with stakeholders and city staff, slated for resolution by City Council in November, has surfaced predictable…

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