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Tag Archives: Austin Yellow Cab

Council pushes ahead on taxicab contracts, co-op

City Council concluded another chapter in the current taxicab franchise renewal saga Thursday, voting to tentatively renew contracts with the city’s three service providers and amend related regulations. It also directed city staff to explore creating a fourth, cooperative franchise.…

Council committee wants co-op taxicab proposal

While City Council mulls over ways to renew the city’s contracts with its three existing taxicab franchises, the drivers who contract with those companies appear to be inching closer to their dream of a fourth, a worker-owned cooperative. The Council Mobility…

Council considers taxicab agreements

On Thursday, the parking garage at City Hall was filled with taxicabs. The reason was clear: For the first time, City Council members were considering the fate of the city’s three taxicab franchise agreements as a body. Ultimately, they voted…

Riley resolution to offer Uber/Lyft regulations

Austin City Council Member Chris Riley plans to introduce a resolution at Council’s Sept. 25 meeting that would attempt to establish regulations to allow Transportation Network Companies such as Uber and Lyft to operate legally in the City of Austin.…

Featured Collection: Austin Energy 2022 rate case

Austin Energy ramps up outreach for proposed rate changes

Austin Energy has entered the public hearing phase of its base rate review process, following its proposal to raise service costs. The monthslong dialogue with stakeholders and city staff, slated for resolution by City Council in November, has surfaced predictable…

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