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Tag Archives: Austin Music Census

Commissioners envision co-working space for musicians

The Music Commission would like City Council to consider creating a centrally located hub for the Austin music industry comparable to what Austin Studios is for the film industry. The resolution discussed at the Music Commission’s Monday evening meeting is…

Austin's music industry talks future, fees

This summer’s release of the Austin Music Census, along with recent and potential music venue closures, paints a dire picture of Austin’s celebrated music scene and has prompted a dialogue about the future of local artists and venues. That conversation…

Can Austin help save Austin music?

Amid concerns that Austin’s rising costs may be driving out the music industry that has been so integral to the city’s popularity, Austin Music People released its Biennial White Paper yesterday. As a supplement to the paper’s extensive policy recommendations,…

Austin Music Census reveals fault lines in industry

The Austin Music Census is out, and it warns that Austin’s music industry is rapidly approaching a tipping point. According to the census, Austin’s musicians and music industry professionals are finding it difficult to get by in a more expensive…

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