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My First Ebike: Benno Boost

I just got my first electric bike and love it! It’s a Benno Boost 10D, designed to casual everyday use. I plan to ride it instead of a car for all my local errands and meetings, to reduce my energy use and exercise more.

The Benno Boost has a powerful Bosch CX motor for riding up steep hills, as well as dual batteries to extend my range to 100 miles and can recharge in just a few hours. This cargo bike includes large bags for groceries, or bringing tools and supplies to local events — so I have no excuse to drive a car unless I’m going far or it’s raining hard. It rides really smoothly and is well designed for comfort, safety and durability.

My new ebike will make it easier for me to ride every day, without getting exhausted going up our steep hills. I also love that biking helps us connect with our neighbors, scaling back our transportation to a more human scale — and inviting us to live more lightly on the earth.

Many thanks to our friends at The New Wheel for helping me find the right ebike! My pal Geo and I did a lot of testing before selecting this model, which will pull our Earth Bike and Green Change Caravan. Vive les velos électriques!

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