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Nonprofit Spotlight: Four questions for the Downtown Austin Alliance

Great downtowns don’t just happen. They are built by people who care deeply about making downtown welcoming, vibrant and vitally important to the culture of the city at large. The Downtown Austin Alliance embodies that spirit of collaboration and stewardship through advocacy, direct services and activations that bring downtown’s public spaces to life.

What is the mission of the Downtown Austin Alliance?

To create, preserve and enhance the value and vitality of downtown Austin.

What community work are you most proud of?

Addressing unsheltered homelessness downtown continues to be a top priority of the Downtown Austin Alliance. We recognize that housing alone is not the answer and that investment in the entire system is critical to success. We have partnered with several local organizations to support and launch initiatives aimed at helping individuals who are unhoused, including pledging $2 million over 10 years to support Community First! Village, partnering with Integral Care to launch the Homelessness Health and Wellness program, piloting a family reunification program with Trinity Center, and advocating for and participating in the development of improved citywide homelessness planning and policy.  

What upcoming projects are you looking forward to the most?

We want downtown Austin to be a growing and ever-evolving tapestry of complete and vibrant neighborhoods that express Austin’s authentic character. Austin has several large-scale transformative projects underway that will help make downtown Austin a future city. Project Connect, I-35 Cap and Stitch, the Innovation District and Palm District are all beginning to take shape. As stewards of downtown, being at the center of those planning projects and ensuring a holistic view is exciting and essential

Where can we learn more about the Downtown Austin Alliance? 

For more information on the Downtown Austin Alliance, you can visit our website at You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter, including all the news, events and community engagement opportunities related to downtown.  

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