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Austin Monitor City Summit Curated Story Collections

Austin Monitor City Summit programming includes two in-depth panelist discussions and a community-focused marquee forum with the top Austin mayoral candidates.  This special event is designed to help you strengthen your connection to the issues and the community, and we want you get the most out of your experience.

To help, we have put together a curated story collection for both panels and the mayoral forum.  We cover these areas closely, and these Austin Monitor articles will provide additional context and background on the issues and candidates that will be featured front and center at City Summit.

Panel: Homelessness and the public camping ban

Despite millions pledged towards a solution and a (fairly) recent vote to reinstate the camping ban, Austinites identified homelessness as one of their most pressing issues in the recent Notley/Monitor Summer 2022 issues poll. This panel brings together people working on all sides of the issue to discuss homelessless in Austin today, nearly two years after Prop B.

Esperanza’s hiatus underscores city’s lack of shelter options for homeless campers

Nearly half of homeless residents exit HEAL program without housing

Austin voters approve reinstating bans on camping, resting and panhandling

City sees details of homelessness strategy, with push to raise $115M

Save Austin Now sues city, saying it isn’t fully enforcing ban on camping in public

Austin police can start ticketing people for panhandling and camping or sitting in public

Panel: Austin housing from a policy perspective

The topic of housing in present-day Austin is a heated one, as affordable options become increasingly scarce across the city. This November, voters will have the chance to approve a record-high $350 million dollar bond for affordable housing. But how is the policy landscape affecting the state of housing in our community? Panelists will explore what’s working and what’s not in this relevant and timely discussion about how current regulations are impacting rising costs for a basic necessity.

City falls further behind on affordable housing goals

Council approves new mixed-use development rules and launches separate corridor proposal

Public workers are being priced out of the city. Affordable housing can’t help many of them.

Amid affordability crisis, Austin will consider studying what it costs to build new housing

City loses Land Development Code lawsuit appeal

Marquee Forum: City of Austin Mayoral Candidates

The Austin Monitor and KUT moderate an issues-focused forum with the top Austin mayoral candidates in advance of the upcoming closely-watched November election. Forum candidates include: Anthony Bradshaw, Phil Campero Brual, Celia Israel, Gary S. Spellman, Kirk Watson, and Jennifer Virden.

Mayoral candidates outline plans to make housing more affordable

Celia Israel seeks to be a progressive voice for Austin

Virden positions herself as the ‘common-sense’ candidate for mayor

Kirk Watson, a ‘fixture’ of Central Texas, wants to be mayor again

Phil Brual, the UT Austin student running for mayor

Gary Spellman looks to disrupt Austin politics

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